DVD Ripper: 4 Things You Need to Know

When you need to back up your DVD movie or play the movie on your portable devices like your Smartphone, iPad, Phone, PSP, etc, all you need is to get a DVD Ripper. Following are the things you need to know about a DVD Ripper.

What a DVD Ripper can do for you?

A DVD ripper is usually an app that can facilitate copying the content of a DVD to a hard disk drive. It is mainly used to transfer video on DVDs to different formats so that the video can be played on various media players and mobile devices. With a nice DVD ripper, you can do the following jobs:

1. Rip DVD to all popular video and audio formats like AVI, WMV, MP4, MOV, FLV, MPG, etc.
2. Rip DVD to HD Videos including HD TS, HD AVI, HD WMV, HD MOV, HD MPG, HD MP4, etc.
3. Trim backgrounds, remove those “black bars” found around full screen films, or just crop what you don’t like and save it converting.
4. Split a movie into smaller sections to fit it on your multimedia device or merge several separate video files into one.
5. Add watermark to personalize your video or adjust image brightness, contrast saturation and apply filter effects.

How to rip DVD with a DVD Ripper?

Step1. Download a good DVD ripper.
Step 2. Insert your DVD disc into computer’s DVD-ROM, launch DVD Ripper.
Step 3. Import your DVD files.
Step 4. Select an output format and destination folder for saving the output files.
Step 5. Edit, combine and crop your movie. (Optional options)
Step 6. Click the “Start” button to start ripping your DVD.

What should you notice about using a DVD Ripper?

Ripping DVDs is not simple. The DVD video format is complicated. And the files required in DVD ripping are much larger, especially on dual-layer DVDs, and the conversion is a complicated process.

For some commercial DVDs, there are other considerations including the copy protection on the discs, and the legality of copying the content. So if you decide to use a DVD ripper to rip your DVD, please note that you can only rip the DVD for your own personal use. It is not legal to copy DVDs for any other purposes.

Free DVD Rippers that you can have a try

If you don’t want to pay for ripping DVD after purchasing the DVD, you can opt for a free DVD ripper. Following are some good examples and you can download them from hodosoft.com.

1. Handbreak. This open source DVD ripper works on Windows, MacOS X, and Linux. It can help you convert a DVD into formats that can be played on your Mac, PC, iPod, PSP, Apple TV, Television, iPhone, or mobile phone.

2. WinX DVD Ripper. A free Windows DVD ripper that can help you backup DVD to hard drive for better protection, and rip DVD to MP4, WMV, AVI, FLV, MOV, MPEG, H.264 so that you can play it on iPhone, iPod, Apple TV, Android phone, PSP, etc.

3. MacTheRipper. This free DVD ripper works under Mac OS X. It enables you to rip both homemade and protected DVDs by removing the DVD copy protections, such as CSS encryption, RCE region protections, ARccOS copy protection, etc on Mac machine.

How to Convert MKV to AVI Easily

MKV stands for Matroska Video, which is an extensible file container format that holds innumerable numbers of audio, video, subtitle tracks or picture in a single file. MKV has enormous storing capacity as it can support multiple audio, video and subtitles in same container. But many customers who have digital players like MP4, iPod, etc. cannot use the MKV file as there gadgets do not support the format. So, there arises a need to convert MKV file to any other format like AVI so that all music and video lovers can enjoy the audios and videos to the fullest. And the same purpose can be fulfilled accurately with the help of MKV to AVI converter.

Although, it is considered as best format for DVD video, there are certain mobile devices which do not accept MKV files. So, it becomes important to convert MKV to AVI (Audio Video Interleave) files with the help of mkv to avi converter which is designed to convert various MKV videos and audio formats into other formats like MP4, 3GP, MPG, MPEG, AVI, MOV, etc. The converter also helps in converting AVI into MKV files. The software is a versatile tool which is not only used for converting file from one format to other; it also performs video editing functions and changes file into desired format within a fraction of seconds.

Below assorted are step by step guide of how to convert a MKV file into AVI, take Arcsoft MediaConverter for a example. Before that, you need to download MediaConverter, install and run it at your computer system.

Step 1 Import MKV file into MediaConverter Click on video file and select input file as MKV. Also, several MKV files can be selected at a time.

Step 2 Choose AVI as the output format Click on “Select Output”. Under Type heading, there is a drop down menu. Select “Formats -Saved to Hard Drive” from there and then select output as AVI.

Step 3 Start to convert mkv to avi After making the above settings, click on “start” button.

Within a few seconds, you will observe that conversion process will begin. And when the converting shows 100%, it indicates the conversion has been completed.

There is a setting button at the right side of the converter. By clicking at this, users can make required settings. See, it’s quite easy and quickly, now you can enjoy your mkv files in avi format.

How 3D Scanners are Used in the Precision Parts Industry

The use of 3D scanners is widespread among companies that make a large range of precision parts. A 3D scanner is a highly accurate measuring device, making it perfect for jobs that have a low tolerance for error.

Specifically, 3D scanners use laser technology to sample or scan a surface. There are various ways these scanners can be utilized, with the main difference being the amount of power used. When the surface of a part or object has only to be digitized, a 3D scanner will be set for low power.

3D scanners allow technicians to uncover information about a scanned surface.
3D scanners are versatile and programmable, allowing technicians to perform a number of delicate precision measuring tasks.

Among various 3D scanners on the market are very high-accuracy instruments that perfectly measure a three-dimensional shape. This use of 3D scanners is common in the casting and sheet metal stamping industries. Another type of 3D scanner is used when it’s necessary to measure three-dimensional shapes of plastic parts, press-formed parts and cast parts.

There are 3D scanners that use a technology known as laser beam light-sectioning. Here, technicians scan parts and other work pieces with a slit beam. A CCD (charge-coupled device) camera collects the light that is reflected from the part, then distance information is created from the 3D data by a process called triangulation. This gathering of information would be impossible without 3D scanners.

A use for high-precision 3D scanners includes dimensional measurement of dies, forging, sheet metal, casting and the production of molded plastic parts. In the precision parts industry, workers typically are engaged in making work pieces that must adhere to strict manufacturing guidelines. 3D scanners give them the required accuracy.

Adherence to exacting guidelines is critical, because parts and pieces that are off-spec can cause injury or worse to those who end up using them. A 3D scanner uses advanced technology to tell the device’s operators much important data about the piece being worked on and assures that the piece will be finished correctly.

To sum up, high-accuracy, portable 3D scanners are ideal technology for any precision work that calls for dimensional analysis, reverse engineering and industrial design. 3D scanners are also excellent research and development tools.

The Many Aspects Of Video Production

Most often business people see videos on the internet and toy with the idea of perhaps purchasing some basic software and producing their own videos. This is a great idea if you are running a business as basically a hobby. The truth is amateur video production really does belong in the hobby aspect of life and not the business world.

Those that are new to the internet world of business often run into the problem of complacency. It is a novelty not to have to get dressed in a suit and tie and run out the door to the office. Any businessperson can sit in front of their computer in track pants and a t-shirt and operate a large scale business. That is behind the scenes however, and video production is not behind the scenes. If you are intent on running a viable business then there is no way that you should put anything out to the world in an amateur way and certainly not a corporate video promotion that is representing you and your business.

Most often business people have no real concept of just what it takes to produce a professional video production. It is not just a matter of taking some shots with a camera of a great product for example. Using a corporate video production as an example, requires much work. To begin with of course what everyone considers the priority is the visual presentation. To get it exactly right it takes an expert that has been trained in professional video production. It takes a large amount of pictures to make a very short video production. This is because the video production will be comprised of only the best pictures and there will be a ton of editing that is required. Lighting and location are big factors as well. A professional video production such as those done by Dallas video production has to rely on only the best of equipment not only for taping the video but for editing, splicing and presentation.

Then there is the script that has to be considered which is just as important as the visual presentation. Most business owners put a great deal of time, work, money and importance on the written content of their site. This very same content that is going to be produced for the video production demands the same amount of attention. This is another responsibility that the corporate video production companies take on. When looking at what is behind the scenes of a video production it makes it a little easier to understand the necessity of having a corporate video production done by the professionals such as Dallas video services or Fort Worth video services.

AirPlay Speakers – How do they work?

What is Airplay?

Airplay is a protocol developed by Apple which lets you stream music, pictures, films (any media really) wirelessly. This streaming is usually done from an Apple device or piece of software such as an ipad, iphone, ipod touch or just using itunes on your computer to a set of speakers, receiver or Apple TV. This is all done wirelessly and has a range of several hundred feet.
If you have one set of speakers at one end of your house, and a second set of speakers at the other end, using your iphone you could select your favourite song to be playing on both sets of speakers in two different rooms. Another great use of Airplay would be if you were watching a movie on your ipad and wanted the sound to be a little louder or better quality. You would just set up the sound to come out of the speakers.

Which Systems are Airplay compatible?

Although Airplay is designed by Apple and available on speakers designed by Apple there are also third party manufacturers who make Airplay compatible speakers. So what Apple do is grant the manufacturers a licence to use the software which allows compatibility with Apple software or hardware.

What are the main benefits of Airplay?

• Range – Bluetooth has a range of around 30 feet, where as Airplay has a range of hundreds of feet because it’s based on Wi-Fi.
• Steaming to multiple devices – If you have several 3 Airplay speakers you can stream to all of them.
• Not just the streaming of audio – movies and pictures can also be streamed with Airplay technology.
• No need to leave your apple hardware docked in the speaker; just keep it with you so you can easily change song.

How can I connect my Apple device to Airplay?

You can connect your device to Airplay speakers with essentially two methods. Firstly you can use a home network using your wireless router. Then it’s simply a job of connecting your Airplay product to that network. For the second method you need an Apple Airport Express which connects all your Apple devices together regardless of whether you have an internet connection or not. Just connect the Airport device to pretty much any set of speakers (they don’t even need to be Airplay speakers because the Airport Express makes them compatible) and you’re ready to stream.
Once a device is on the wireless network or connected via Airport other an Airplay source, such as an iPod Nano, automatically detects it. There is no need to manually add the system. Then just select the song or film and away you go. If you’re using a home network, and you have a poor or slow internet connection, it’s possible that there will be dropouts or pauses in the media (especially movies). Using an Airport Express this should virtually never happen.

Which software are Airplay speakers are based on?

Of course there is all the software needed to get the devices to talk and interact with each other too. But that technology is not exactly new. In 2002 Apple introduced Rendezvous (later renamed Bonjour) that allowed the discovery of services on a local area network without major configuration.

Choosing Africa PowerPoint and World Map Australia

The African continent is unique and one of its kind. The different people and creatures in Africa are special and the continent holds its mysterious appeal to people around the world. Africa is a large and a diverse land; some special factors of Africa are that it has 53 independent countries with 732 million people. It comes with 800 ethnic groups and has the hottest temperature on the Earth. Nile in Africa is the world’s longest river and Africa stands as the second largest continent in the world.

Students seeking information about the continent can find a lot of information in the Africa PowerPoint offered by PowerPoint map service providers. These map service providers offer exclusive maps at the best rates. PowerPoint presentations can also be downloaded from these websites. They also offer few products for free. You can choose one from an explicit range of free and priced products.

Australia on the other hand is the country in Southern Hemisphere comprising of Australian continent mainland and the island of Tasmania. There are many smaller islands across the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Australia stands as the world’s sixth-largest country. The nearby countries include a number of countries like Indonesia, East Timor as well as Papua New Guinea. Exclusive world map Australia can be found on the internet at the websites offering maps. These websites offer best prices for various kinds of maps. You can also have some map samples for free on these websites.

In case of map presentations using PowerPoint map presentation is a lot better as through the same you can convey short information bullet points. These points are a crisp way of mentioning what you want to say to your audience in a smart way. The points on the PowerPoint can be easily read using a large projector.

Instead of using the leaflets in a presentation you can easily use PowerPoint slides. Thus using the slides or templates you do not waste paper and ink. PowerPoint presentations are much better as you are able to add on sounds and videos to the presentations that will catch the attention of the viewers; this makes your presentation more attractive and eye-catching to your viewers. You can also add animations to your presentations and make it more appealing to your audience.

You can also add on more number of slides then and there. You can easily transport the same and save it in a Pen Drive or a CD. Those looking for Africa PowerPoint and world map Australia can easily find it online on these websites. These maps and country presentations can be found at the best rates online. Compare the prices of the
service providers and choose the best one for yourself.

How To Connect Your PSP To Your HD TV

To connect your PSP (Playstation Portable) to your TV you can simply plug the AV cable into the headphone jack socket on your PSP (Playstation Portable) and the other end into the TV. There are different types of AV cables such as S-Video and component/YpPbPr cables. The type you need will depend on what sort of input your TV has.

The second step is to change “Connected Display Settings” on your PSP (Playstation Portable). If you have a widescreen TV select 16:9. If not, choose 4:3. If you have a HDTV the best Component/D-Terminal Output setting will be “progressive” which will use the TV’s 480p resolution mode. For TVs that are not HD the best option will be “Interface” – this uses standard definition 480i.

Now simply select the appropriate input source on your TV, turn on your PSP and hold down the “display” button for 5 seconds. Voila! you can play your PSP on your TV screen.
There is one major downside to the method mentioned above; if you connect your PSP to your TV using only an AV cable, you will not achieve a full screen picture, it will only take up a small portion of the screen; obviously this is not ideal if, like me, you are a serious gamer. Luckily there is a solution – a PSP to TV Converter. This device can connect directly to the HDMI port on your HD TV and will enable you to play your PSP in full HD and in full screen.

It is also possible to connect your PSP directly to your computer monitor, PC monitor or LCD display by utilising the monitors VGA (Video Graphics Array) port. Unfortunately a direct connection between the two has the same problem as connecting your PSP directly to your TV; you will not achieve a full screen picture. Thankfully there is also a solution for this problem in the form of a PSP to PC VGA Converter. This device will enable you to play your PSP in full screen on your PC VGA monitor.

Good quality PSP to PC VGA converters should also have a VGA pass through. This will enable you to keep your PC or Mac and your PSP connected to the monitor at all times. In my opinion this is essential so you don’t have to mess around with the wiring every time you want to play your PSP in full screen.

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